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Circumcision For Adults

At CSC, we are committed to delivering exceptional care and expertise to ensure a comfortable experience for our adult patients. Our compassionate team understands the unique considerations involved in adult circumcision and is dedicated to addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

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What is Circumcision?

Circumcision is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the foreskin, the retractable skin covering the tip of the penis. At our specialised clinic, we offer expert circumcision services for adult males. Our team of experienced professionals ensures the highest level of care and comfort throughout the entire process.

Why circumcise?

Adult circumcision can be a personal choice driven by various factors. Some individuals opt for circumcision for cultural, religious, or aesthetic reasons. Others may choose it to address specific medical conditions or improve personal hygiene. Whatever your motivation, our clinic is here to provide comprehensive support and guidance tailored to your specific needs.

Suturing Method: Precision and Care

At CSC, we employ the suturing method, a precise and effective technique for adult circumcisions. This method involves carefully removing the foreskin and then suturing the incision site using fine, dissolvable stitches. Our experienced surgeons ensure meticulous attention to detail, resulting in optimal healing and minimal scarring.

Dorsal Slit circumcision technique


We understand that your well-being and safety are paramount. As with any surgical procedure, adult circumcision carries some risks (bleeding, infection and damage to local structures) although they are rare. Our clinic adheres to stringent safety protocols, ensuring a sterile environment, expert anaesthesia administration, and comprehensive post-operative care instructions. Our dedicated team takes every measure to minimise potential risks and ensure a smooth recovery process.

After Care

Following the procedure we will dress the wound for you with wrapped gauze.

Showering should recommence the day after the circumcision and must be done daily to minimise the chance of infection. A wound check with the GP is recommended after 7 days.

Our world-class doctors will care for your family

Our team of experts performs adult circumcisions using the latest medical techniques to ensure precision, safety, and an aesthetically pleasing result. We take the time to fully explain the procedure, recovery expectations, and any potential risks involved, ensuring you are well-informed and comfortable before proceeding.
Dr Effat Farag

Dr Effat Farag

Dr Farag (senior) is our most experienced circumcision practitioner. He is a procedural GP accredited with the RACGP. He has been performing circumcisions in the south-east metro Melbourne area for over 25 years. Effat was surgically trained in Egypt before moving to Australia and gaining his qualifications here in the early 90's. Dr Farag is confident, efficient and comes with a wealth of experience which helps in more challenging anatomy and case complications.
Languages spoken: English, Arabic.

Dr Uday Alahmed

Dr Uday Alhamed

Dr Alhamed is also a very experienced GP who has been practicing with us in Dandenong for almost 10 years. Dr Uday was fully surgically trained in Iraq before moving to Australia and gaining his qualification with the RACGP in 2017. Uday is a procedural GP who has performed many circumcisions over the last 20 years. Dr Alhamed has a fine attention to detail, is a great communicator and shows a great deal of care and compassion towards patients and families.
Languages spoken: English, Arabic.

Dr George Farag

Dr George Farag

Dr Farag (junior) is our most recent addition to the procedural team. He is a locally trained GP who finished his medical training in 2017 and joined us our team in 2022. George undertook rotations on surgical wards during his hospital training years and has always had a special interest in minor surgical procedures since his time in medical school. Dr Farag is a good communicator, has a focus on patient education and is a perfectionist in his work.
Languages spoken: English, Arabic.

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