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Circumcision is a common surgical procedure practised worldwide for various reasons, from medical to religious ones. There are various methods for conducting this procedure, one of which is the Shang Ring method.

Considering the Shang Ring method for your circumcision? Read on to learn more about this method as we explore its benefits and procedures!

What is Shang Ring Circumcision?

A doctor talking with his patient
A doctor talking with his patient

Shang Ring is a suture-free medical procedure method for adult male circumcision that involves a specially designed, medical-grade plastic Shang Ring device. The ring has two plastic rings: an inner one with a silicone band and a hinged outer one that tightens around it.

First studied in China, this WHO-approved method is known for being quick, safe, and effective, especially when compared to other conventional types of circumcision. This is mainly due to the lack of electrocautery or suturing involvement.

Benefits of the Shang Ring Method

A doctor explaining to his patient
A doctor explaining to his patient

The Chinese Shang Ring adult circumcision method brings several benefits to patients. Read more about the benefits below!

Reduced Procedure Time and Invasiveness

Due to the elimination of suturing, this method is known to reduce procedure duration and invasiveness level. As a result, it lowers the infection risk and accelerates the recovery process.

Low Risk of Complications

When a professional performs this method, complications or infections are rare, especially because there are no sutures and the Shang Ring is safely closed.

Improved Aesthetic Outcome

This method results in a clean, symmetrical outcome. Most men find the result appealing, which is why they consider opting for this method.

Positive Impact on Hygiene

Circumcision itself generally improves genital hygiene due to foreskin removal—which eliminates smegma buildup often found in uncut men. With improved hygiene, the rates of genital infections are also lower.

Minimized Bleeding and Pain

Sutures or stitches are not required during the Shang Ring method, which reduces pain, irritation, discomfort, and blood loss. 

Step-by-Step Shang Ring Procedure

A man listening to his doctor's explanation
A man listening to his doctor’s explanation

The overall duration of the Shang Ring circumcision method is 10-15 minutes. Here’s the step-by-step of the circumcision procedure performed by professional doctors:

  1. Measure penile circumference to determine the correct ring size.
  2. Apply local anesthesia to numb the penile area.
  3. Rub antiseptic to the penile area to prevent infection.
  4. Place the inner ring inside the foreskin to sandwich the redundant foreskin with the help of the outer ring.
  5. Place the outer ring on the outside of the foreskin and lock it onto the inner ring.
  6. Cut four equal slits in the foreskin to avoid the formation of constricting circumferential scabs and allow the skin to spread during erections.

The patient is discharged with the Shang Ring left on his penis for 7 to 10 days post-operation; he revisits the clinic for ring removal. This is done by unlocking the outer ring, removing it, and then detaching the inner ring from the wound margin.

Once the procedure of removal is complete, the doctor will provide the patient with drugs for pain management to help the recovery, which usually takes four weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shang Ring circumcision better than conventional methods?

If you’re looking for a quicker and safer circumcision with less pain, then this method is better than other conventional methods.

How long does Shang Ring stay on?

The ring usually stays on for 7-10 days.

What are the side effects of the Shang Ring?

Some potential side effects include preputial edema, wound dehiscence, partial protrusion or partial deletion of the outer plate, frenulum misalignment, penile skin scars, wound infection, unexpected ring detachment, and bleeding.


The Shang Ring circumcision method is a painless and quicker alternative to other conventional methods. Using specially designed rings, this circumcision method results in an aesthetically more pleasing appearance with a better hygiene level.

If you’re interested in getting yourself circumcised, contact the Circumcision Specialist Clinic for professional assistance. If you want to learn more about circumcision, be sure to check out our other blog post.

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